The Broke Agent is a media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals. Predominately focused on the comedic aspects of the industry, the “BA” created its own platform of highly engaging, socially driven, relatable content for all people involved in the business. Our goal is to make real estate agents laugh through the daily stress of the industry and also help improve their business through our community and content platform.




 As a newly licensed real estate agent in Los Angeles Eric had no idea what to do. He cold called, door knocked, and sat dead open houses twice a week to no success.  So, he did what he always did when he fails at something: he made fun of it. Eric escaped to social media as @TheBrokeAgent where he began posting the inner monologue of an anonymous, struggling real estate agent. The following grew quickly as the voice stood out amongst an oversaturated marketplace of luxury agents, sales gurus, and assholes.  After years of memes, skits, comics, blogs, and now a podcast, the Broke Agent brand has evolved into a media company that focuses on making real estate agents laugh through the daily stress of the industry and also helping improve their business through the BA community and content platform. Today, Eric continue to sell real estate on the Westside of Los Angeles and run the daily operations of The Broke Agent. His focus is on growing the brand and continuing to be the go-to source for real estate entertainment, podcasting, marketing, and eventually news.


(Top Producer, Creator, and Host of Over Ask Podcast)

Matt Lionetti is a real estate agent with The Agency and content creator from Toronto, Canada. Matt has built his business on social media by utilizing humour in his marketing with hilarious skits and song parodies. He believes showcasing his personality is the best way to connect with his potential clients. Matt is also the host of The Over Ask Podcast with Eric. 


(Social Chair)


As a resident of Long Island his entire life, Dan has been able to quickly take the Real Estate world by storm. He is most known for his unique marketing strategies, Viral Listing Videos, and his ability to sell all of his listings for top dollar. In his few years of experience, he has already shattered Sale Records All Across the Island. He also started has a popular Vlog and his own podcast called The Dan O Neil show. 


Co-host of The Broke News Network AKA Listing Agent #2. Ben was born and raised in Southern California, where he became a professional skateboarder which has nothing and everything to do with real estate. Although it may be a stretch to link the two physically, the drive and determination required to succeed didn’t stop once he stepped off the skateboard. Ben now owns his own brokerage in Long Beach. He is extremely competitive and motivated to achieve all goals in every facet of life. That’s why he partnered with someone called The Broke Agent to host a show… 


Sterling lives in Camarillo, CA with his family and provides real estate services to Ventura County. He has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry that gives him a keen understanding at every level of the trade. By valuing ambition and authenticity, Sterling creates high-quality educational content for his following of clients and soon-to-be clients. This transparent approach allows him to cultivate relationships, build a successful referral business, and continually be inspired by those he works with. Through his daily happenings, Sterling contributes relatable content to The Broke Agent.


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